This project began shortly after the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game Kickstarter was sucessfully funded. I thought it would be good to have a large pool of ready-to-play characters to help those who wanted to get into DF before the full boxed set was out, and when it finally did to provide alternatives to the set of finished characters that will be contained there. I know that many others have done a marvelous job adapting Pathfinder monsters to DF, so I thought I would do the same with its large stable of iconic characters.

This goal was achieved in January of 2017! However, when the Dungeon Fantasy RPG actually went out to backers in August of that same year, I noticed it was different enough from the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy line that preceded it that the iconics I made wouldn’t quite work in a campaign that used only the boxed set. Therefore, I set out to make a second set of iconics using only the rules from the boxed set, as explained here.

Below are links to the eleven resulting iconics. Each one has a link to both its GURPS Dungeon Fantasy version and its DFRPG version. If a given character is missing a link, it’s because the corresponding sheet isn’t done yet. Keep an eye on the site to see then it’s published!

The GURPS DF versions use material from DF 1: Adventurers, DF 3: The Next Level, and DF 11: Power-ups. The DFRPG versions use material from the boxed set. In both versions I add a little extra original material where it’s needed, and use metric units because I like metric (just multiply weights by 2 if you must have Imperial pounds).

I didn’t stop making characters after I was done with the Main Eleven, though! With the initial goal complete, I could relax my restrictions a bit. The character below uses a broader set of sources, and thus is a little more “exotic” than the Main Eleven, with rules not covered by the boxed set. The same will be true of any further characters I add here.