If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that I’ve already converted no less than eleven Pathfinder Iconic characters to Dungeon Fantasy, one for each of the templates from GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 1: Adventurers. You’ll also know that you can find a handy list of all of them in this page, which declares that the project as a whole is done. So why the heck are you seeing yet another of these articles here?

Well, the simplest reason is because I wanted to do another one. Consider this a bonus track for the Pathfinder Iconics in Dungeon Fantasy album! As such, it doesn’t quite follow the rules I set for myself in the main set of eleven iconics.

You see, our subject today is Seoni the Sorceress. Here she is:

By Wayne Reynolds, Copyright 2007 Paizo Publishing

I have to say this isn’t one of Wayne Reynolds’ best efforts, since the proportions and the pose are a bit weird. That aside, Seoni stands out among the Iconics in that she shows quite a bit of skin, tough at least her bio gives us a reason for that. That bio is somewhat split between the page containing her d20 stats and this blog post.

As the Iconic Sorcerer, Seoni represents a class that’s present in the Pathfinder and d20 core rules, but absent from DF 1, which had the Swashbuckler instead. It’s not hard to see why: any of the “traditional” spellcasters from DF 1 are already about as versatile as a d20 Sorcerer. It would be a while until GURPS had an officially published template that had the same relationship to the other spellcasters as their d20 counterparts. That template turned out to be the aptly-named Sorcerer from Pyramid #3/82, which in turn uses rules from GURPS Thaumathology: Sorcery.

So now that I’ve explained my reasoning, let’s look at what we can learn from Seoni’s bio and stats.

  • She comes from the land of Varisia, and belongs to the nomadic culture of its original inhabitants. This culture is roughly analogous to the Romani of our world.

  • Due to her mystical bloodline, Seoni has experienced mysterious visions since a very young age, and her quest to understand those has led to the awakening of her powers. The tatoos covering most of her body are both a status symbol in her culture and a focus for her magic.

  • Seoni’s obsession with being in control of her own fate combines with her penchant for detailed plans to make her look like a “control freak” to her companions.

  • She is extremely blasty. The vast majority of her abilities deal direct damage, usually with fire or lightning. The rest are either straightforward combat debuffs (glitterdust, dispel magic) or energy barriers (mage armor, shield, wall of force).

Our version of Seoni certainly manages to uphold the “less known spells cast more frequently” motto of the d20 Sorcerer. She knows all of four spells, but she can cast all of them all day long without even spending FP as long as she can both move and speak when she does so. She can only use one of them at a time, but Accelerated Casting allows her to switch effects without pausing. She can do passably well at social endeavors with her training in Diplomacy and her Charisma, and can improvise any minor spell with a full cost of 7 points or less, but what she’s really good at is spamming lightning bolts all day, every day.

As for power-ups, she can always use more Sorcery spells! Her mundane skills are lacking a bit, so any spare points there also help. Those players willing to save points for a while can fully master Dispel Magic for an additional 48 points, which would enable Seoni to cast and maintain 2 effects at once.

Seoni, 250-point Human Sorceress


ST 10 {0}; DX 12 {40}; IQ 12 {40}; HT 12 {20}

Secondary Characteristics

Damage 1d-2/1d; Basic Lift 10kg; HP 10; Will 12; Per 12; FP 12; Basic Speed 6.00; Basic Move 6.


  • Accelerated Casting {10}
  • Charisma 3 {15}
  • Magical Lineage (Fate-Touched) {1}
  • Sorcerous Empowerment 6 {70}
  • Sorcery Talent 3 {30}

Sorcery Spells

  • Dispel Magic {12}

    Attempts to negate every instance of magic within the area. See Sorcery, p. 21.

    • Keywords: Area (Leveled), Resisted (Will or spell).
    • Full Cost: 60 points.
    • Casting Roll: Will.
    • Range: Unlimited.
    • Duration: Instantaneous.
  • Fly {10}

    Allows the target to fly with a Move equal to their Basic Speed x2 for three minutes.

    • Keywords: Obvious.
    • Full Cost: 48 points.
    • Casting Roll: None. Use Innate Attack (Gaze) to aim.
    • Range: 100m.
    • Duration: Three Minutes.
    • Statistics: Affliction 1 (Flight with Magical, +360%; Increased 1/2D x10, +15%; No Signature, +20%; Fixed Duration +0%; Sorcery, -15%).
  • Lightning 3 {7}

    An Innate Attack doing 3d burning surge damage. Metal armor counts as DR 1. Targets struck by it must make a HT roll at -1 per 2 injury suffered or be physically stunned (HT to recover in subsequent turns). Behaves unpredictably around conductors.

    • Keywords: Missile, Obvious.
    • Full Cost: 35 points.
    • Casting Roll: None. Use Innate Attack (Beam) to hit.
    • Range: 100m.
    • Duration: Instantaneous.
    • Statistics: Per Pyramid #3/82, p. 13.
  • Mage Armor {8}

    Gives the subject an extra DR 5 for the duration.

    • Keywords: Buff.
    • Full Cost: 40 points.
    • Casting Roll: None. Use Innate Attack (Gaze) to aim.
    • Range: 100m.
    • Duration: Three minutes.
    • Statistics: Affliction 1 (DR 5 with Magical and Force Field, +280%; Increased 1/2D x10, +15%; No Signature, +20%; Fixed Duration, +0%; Sorcery, -15%)


  • Bad Temper {-10}
  • Curious (12) {-5}
  • Disciplines of Faith (Ritualism) {-5}
  • Sense of Duty (Adventuring Companions) {-5}
  • Stubborness {-5}
  • Unnatural Features 5 (glowing tatoos, otherwordly air) {-5}
  • Weirdness Magnet {-15}


  • Climbing (A) DX-1 {1} - 11
  • Diplomacy (H) IQ-1 {2} - 11
  • Fast-Talk (A) IQ-1 {1} - 12
  • First Aid (E) IQ {1} - 12
  • Gesture (E) IQ {1} - 12
  • Hidden Lore (Magical Writings) (A) IQ {2} - 12
  • Hiking (A) HT {2} - 12
  • Innate Attack (Beam) (E) DX+4 {12} - 16
  • Scrounging (E) Per {1} - 12
  • Staff (A) DX+3 {12} - 15
  • Thaumathology (VH) IQ-2 {2} - 10


  • Ordinary Clothing [Torso, Limbs]: Free, 1kg.
  • Quarterstaff [Torso]: Damage thr+2 cr or sw+2 cr. Parry +2. $10, 2kg.
  • Backpack, Small [Torso]: Holds 20kg of gear. $60, 1.5kg.
  • Paut x2 [Backpack]: Restores 4 FP of energy lost to magic. $270, 0.5kg.
  • Glow Vial x2 [Backpack]: Sheds light in a 1m radius for 12 hours. $60, 0.5kg.
  • Blanket [Backpack]: $20, 2kg.
  • Rations x4 [Backpack]: $8, 2kg.
  • $572 remaining.