A while ago I spent quite some time statting up Pathfinder Iconic characters for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, one for each template from DF1. That project even has its own page here, where you can see all the completed characters. Aside from being fun in itself (I like making characters!), the main motivation was to provide a resource for players just getting into GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, and into the as yet unreleased Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game.

Well, the DFRPG is out to backers now, and will be out to everyone else pretty soon. Now that I can get a good look at its text, I see that the difference between it and the GURPS DF line is not unlike that between the first and second edition of, say, AD&D. A lot of things are the same, but there are enough differences that you might need to do a little work to use material from one game in the other.

And so it turned out that my set of converted Pathfinder Iconics doesn’t quite fit the DFRPG rules, mostly because a lot of them include material from the GURPS line that didn’t make it into the standalone boxed set. As I still want them to be useful to players of the latter, it’s time to do a little conversion!

Here’s what’s going to happen: I’m going to redo all of the Iconics that correspond to the templates present in the DFRPG boxed set, which is everyone except for Seoni the Sorceress. Each of them is going to go up as a new article that will be linked alongside the old one in the project page. The new PCs will be built using only material found in the DFRPG boxed set, with perhaps a bit of original material tossed in where needed (like for Lini’s racial template). Each article will also comment on the differences between the resulting stats.

Like GURPS DF versions, these are inspired by the official published bios and stats for the iconics. Their capabilities are mostly inspired by the 7th-level version of the stats, and their gear by the 1st-level version, since that’s closer to what a character’s starting money can buy. This time around I’ll also take inspiration from the GURPS DF stats, of course, since my decisions on how to adapt stuff from d20 to GURPS haven’t really changed. I hope you enjoy the new versions!