Update: This is the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy version of the character. If you want to see a version for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG, click here.

As I write this, I noticed that we’ve had a handful of GURPS posts already and none of then has included any GURPS stats yet! I’ll try to remedy that here. Since it might be a while until I have concrete rules to show for the Dragon’s Dogma project, I’ll go with something completely different for this post.

As you might know, Steve Jackson games recently completed a very successful Kickstarter campaign to finance the production of a standalone Dungeon Fantasy boxed set. This gets me in the mood to do something DF-related. Following the general Octopus Carnival theme of “adaptations”, I decided to adapt the Pathfinder Iconic characters to GURPS Dungeon Fantasy. From what I can see, each of the originals is meant to both be a representative of their character class in the Pathfinder setting and to have a unique gimmick that helps individualize them. This should be just the right amount of complexity to illustrate what DF can do, as well. I’m sure a lot of people have done the same conversions in the past, but these will be mine.

I’ll take each of the DF templates from Adventurers and use them to recreate the Pathfinder Iconic of the corrresponding class. We’ll pull material from other books as necessary to cover that character’s distinctive style. This should limit the complexity of the conversion while still providing an interesting exercise. The end result might not have the same mechanic “feel” of the original, but that’s a feature in our case: it will be a Dungeon Fantasy character, not a Pathfinder character. I’ll try to comment on any notable differences. Please also note that I’ll be using the current line of GURPS Dungeon Fantasy PDFs, not the boxed set, which is still a few months away from publication as of this writing.

The first template listed in the book is Barbarian. Therefore, our first converted iconic is Amiri:

By Wayne Reynolds, Copyright 2008 Paizo Publishing

Amiri’s full official bio and character sheet can be found here. Judging from those, we can glean a few facts about her:

  • Amiri is good at outdoor survival in cold climates, since she returned from a “suicide” scouting mission.

  • Amiri is of normal human size, but fights with an oversized sword that used to belong to a frost giant.

  • She’s fiercely competitive and doesn’t like being outdone at barbarian heroing.

  • She relies a lot on the d20 Barbarian Rage power when fighting, and might get angry enought to lose her mind. In other words, the purpose of Amiri is to flip out and kill people.

Here’s how I think she should look like in GURPS:

Amiri, 248-Point Human Barbarian

ST 17 {70}; DX 13 {60}; IQ 10 {0}; HT 13 {30}.

Damage 1d+2/3d-1; BL 29kg; HP 22 {10}; Will 10; Per 12 {10}; FP 13; Basic Speed 6.00 {-10}; Basic Move 6.


  • Great Rage 1 {20}
  • High Pain Threshold {10}
  • Huge Weapons {1}
  • Outdoorsman 4 {40}


  • Berserk (12) {-10}
  • Impulsiveness (12) {-10}
  • Odious Personal Habit (Overly competitive) {-5}
  • Overconfidence (12) {-5}
  • Social Stigma (Minority Group) {-10}


  • Animal Handling (Mammoths) (A) IQ {2} - 10
  • Bow (A) DX+1 {4} - 14
  • Brawling (E) DX {1} - 13
  • Camouflage (E) IQ+4 {1}1 - 14
  • Climbing (A) (A) DX-1 {1} - 12
  • Disguise (Animals) (A) IQ {2} - 10
  • First Aid (E) IQ {1} - 10
  • Fishing (A) Per+4 {1}1 - 16
  • Hiking (A) HT-1 {1} - 12
  • Intimidation (A) Will {2} - 10
  • Mimicry (Animal Sounds) (H) IQ+2 {1}1 - 12
  • Naturalist (H) IQ+2 {1}1 - 12
  • Navigation (Land) (A) IQ+4 {2}1 - 14
  • Observation (A) Per-1 {1} - 12
  • Running (A) HT-1 {1} - 12
  • Skiing (H) HT-2 {1} - 11
  • Stealth (A) DX-1 {1} - 12
  • Survival (Mountains) (A) Per+3 {1}1 - 15
  • Swimming (E) HT {1} - 13
  • Tracking (A) Per+3 {1}1 - 15
  • Two-Handed Sword (A) DX+4 {16} - 17
  • Weather Sense (A) IQ {2} - 10
  • Wrestling (A) DX {2} - 13


$1865.0, 28.0kg. No encumbrance!

  • Ordinary Clothing [Torso, Limbs]: Free, 1kg.
  • Pot-Helm [Head]: DR 4, $100, 2.5kg.
  • Mail Shirt [Torso]: DR 4/2*, $150, 8kg.
  • Regular Bow [Torso]: Acc 2, damage thr+1 imp. $100, 1kg.
  • Hip Quiver [Torso]: Holds 20 arrows. $15, 0.5kg.
  • 20 arrows [Quiver]: $40, 1kg.
  • Oversized Thrusting Greatsword [Torso]: Damage sw+4 cut, thr+4 imp. $1350, 5.25kg.
  • Backpack, Small [Torso]: Holds 20kg of gear. $60, 1.5kg.
  • Blanket [Backpack]: $20, 2kg.
  • Personal Basics [Backpack]: $5, 0.5kg.
  • Rope, 3/8”, 10m [Backpack]: Supports 150kg. $5, 0.75kg.
  • Rations x4 [Backpack]: $8, 1kg.
  • Shovel [Backpack]: $12, 3kg.
  • $135 in coin.

Design Notes

Amiri spent 2 points in extra starting cash so she could purchase the big sword.

Unlike the standard DF 1 Barbarian, Amiri lacks Gigantism, and thus is SM 0. While I know there’s a “Short Barbarian” option in Dungeon Fantasy Denizens 1: Barbarians, I don’t own that book and thus simply decided to remove Gigantism from her character sheet and adjust the point costs accordingly.

Most of her discretionary advantage points went into the Huge Weapons perk that allows her to wield the sword without penalty, and the Great Rage advantage from DF 11: Power-Ups. Note that these normally require Gigantism - I waived this particular prerequisite here.

Taking all of that into account, we have a perfectly playable DF character that hits all the same points as the original from Pathfinder! In campaign play, good choices when spending experience would be buying Combat Reflexes, the second level of Great Rage, ST and weapon skills to make Amiri a better combatant, or Absolute Direction along with more and higher Survival specialties to make more skilled in surviving the wilderness.

  1. +4 from Outdoorsman  2 3 4 5 6 7