As the title implies, this is an adaptation of the Dragon’s Dogma videogame to GURPS. It tries to follow the structure laid out in GURPS Adaptations, dealing with places, characters and items in that order, followed by a bestiary. As of this writing, it’s almost complete, and consists of the following posts:

Introduction and High Concept

These articles talk about the Dragon’s Dogma videogame, my approach to adapting it, and what a tabletop campaign in this setting could look like.


These talk about the setting of Dragon’s Dogma, and focus on expanding the in-game map into something that resembles a medieval setting, expanding details hinted at in the game’s plot into an interesting political situation for it.


Here I discuss the differences between magic in Gransys and in generic Dungeon Fantasy and the role of the existing DF archetypes in the setting. I also introduce two new archetypes inspired by some of the most distinctive vocations of the original game. There are also stats for Pawn and Arisen characters.


Here I discuss what equipment should be avaible where in the setting, and introduce a relatively rules-light system for upgrading equipment with mundane and magical enhancements that complements the default enchantment rules in GURPS.


And finally, here is a big ol’ list of monsters inspired by Dragon’s Dogma. The posts here take a mixed approach between pointing out which published monsters fit into Gransys and providing entirely new stat blocks.