Pyramid #3/102 was recently published, and it contains a system for making magic items that would be an excellent alternative to the one I wrote for the Dragon’s Dogma setting! It has the advantage of better fitting the theme of “master crafters using alchemy to improve equipment” that I was going for, and it uses the Imbuement system in a way that doesn’t bog down fights

The system can be used mostly as written, with only a couple small changes required to make it fit in Gransys. The Imbue advantage necessary for the process always has the Alchemical (-10%) modifier.

  • A piece of gear can be improved after its creation! Use the original item’s value, unmodified by pre-existing Cost Factors, to calculate the cost of the new change.
  • The special components described in my post can be used to pay up to half of the imbuement’s cost, using the same rate. They also reduce the time necessary for Infuse Gear by a similar rate, and if the PC provices enough components to completely cover the cost the infusion could be done by the same day. The artisan would still charge half its price in that case, though.

And since it’s possible to improve the base quality of pre-existing gear in Gransys, the following skill would make itself necessary:

Refined Gear (General; IQ/VH)

This skill improves the mundane quality of a piece of gear. Cheap gear becomes Good quality, Good gear becomes Fine, Fine Gear becomes Very Fine. The change in CF is the same one for buying an item of that quality.

Modifiers: +2 to make a Cheap item Good; -5 to make an item Very Fine. Jumping multiple quality levels in one sitting requires multiple simultaneous uses of this Imbuement at the usual -1 penalty per use.