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This post belongs to a series converting Dragon’s Dogma enemies to GURPS. All other entries, and all other posts adapting the setting can be found here.

Gargoyles in Dragon’s Dogma are pretty much what you’d expect from hearing the word: humanoid flying monsters with rock-hard skin and a love of clawing out the eyes of unwary adventurers. The gargoyles of Gransys are living creatures, with flesh and blood beneath that rock skin, so they add “hunting for food” to their list of usual reasons for attacking PCs (territoriality, plain cruelty, etc.). They also have an additional surprise in store: their tails are tipped by a stinger capable of injecting a petrifying poison into a victim. They can’t eat the resulting statue, but it’s still a good tactic for finishing off foes who put up more of a fight than anticipated.

Gargoyles dislike sunlight, and so make their homes in ruins and cave complexes, particularly those that feature one or more tall chambers full of good nesting spots. Someone suddenly attacked by a gargoyle in one of these dark places might confuse them with a harpy at first, only to be surprised at how little effect their blows have on the creature. Somehow bypassing a gargoyle’s DR is vital to effectively fighting it.

ST 17; DX 13; IQ 6; HT 13;

SM 0; Dodge 9; DR 9;

HP 17; Will 10; Per 12; FP 13

Basic Speed 6.50; Move 3 (Ground) / 13 (Air)

  • Talons (16): 2d+2 cut or imp. Reach C. May also grapple at skill 16.
  • Bite (16): 2d+1 cut. Reach C.
  • Petrifactor (14): 3d imp + Petrifying Venom follow up. Reach C.
  • Petrifying Venom (resisted with HT-5): Applied via a sting with the petrifactor, above. Targets who fail the resistance roll are turned to stone until cured with Stone to Flesh or similar magic.

Traits: Claws (Talons); DR 9; Flight (Winged); Night Vision 5; Striker (Impaling; Clumsy, -2 to hit); Striking ST 4; Teeth (Sharp); Bestial; Bully (9); Gluttony (9); Social Stigma (Monster);

Class: Mundane.

Notes: Gargoyles only use the petrifactor as a last resort, as they prefer to be able to eat the victim after killing it.