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Back when I discussed the Artifacts of Gransys, I focused more on bringing published artifacts from the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy line into a Dragon’s Dogma campaign. It’s time I did the reverse, at least for some of the more distinctive pieces. This post will deal with a pair of handy artifacts that always go together. They were used to implement the original game’s “fast-travel” system, and can do the same for a tabletop campaign if the GM wants to give players that ability.

Ferrystones (Power Item: N/A)

Ferrystones are palm-sized chunks of jade engraved with ancient arcane runes. They were made ages ago by the mysterious civilization that worshipped the Old Gods. The secret to their creation has been lost, and most remaining examples today are cracked and worn.

To use a ferrystone, a character must hold it in their hand, concentrate on one of the Portcrystals (see below) they have attuned, and toss the stone directly upwards. This will cause the stone to glow and instantly transport the whole party to the location of the Portcrystal. The stress of activation will destroy the stone.

Ferrystones are still common enough that they can be found in the inventories of certain specialty merchants, who sell them as expensive antiques. They can also be found in the ruins of the civilization that made them. While they are very useful to adventurers, most “civilian” inhabitants of Gransys see them as valuable bits of archaeology, and would balk at actually using one for its intended purpose.

Among those specialty collectors, rumors abound of an “Eternal Ferrystone” which, untouched by time, can be used an unlimited number of times. Such an item would be priceless and would largely render overland travel obsolete to its owner. Such an artifact could be worth 20 FP or more as a power item.

Portcrystals (Power Item: N/A or 15 FP)

Portcrystals are heavy quartz-like crystals that glow with a purple inner light. Someone who knows the proper rituals (which have been passed around as nursery rhymes since time immemorial) can attune themselves to a portcrystal by touching it. From that point on, they can use a Ferrystone (see above) to teleport to the crystal’s location from anywhere in the world!

These artifacts were likely used to make robust transportation networks in ages past. The most well-known are arranged in ancient ritual circles just outside of Cassardis and close to the Pawn Guild in Gran Soren. These are more landmarks than artifacts, and cannot be removed or made into Power Items.

There are also a handful of crystals that can be safely transported and still retain their power, but those are hidden deep inside some of the duchy’s most dangerous dungeons. These portable crystals only work when properly placed on the ground, and weight at least 10 kilograms, but can be made into power items. They’re worth quite a lot as collector items… unless the Eternal Ferrystone is known to exist, then they’re as priceless as it is.