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The typical cyclops is a humanoid around 6 meters tall, whose wrinkled, grayish hide resembles that of an elephant. Also like an elephant, its mouth sports a pronounced pair of tusks. Unlike elephants, however, cyclopes are carnivorous and quite stupid. They are commonly spotted slowly shuffling around in the distance, sluggishly moving towards anything that smells of food. They are a particular terror to herds of cattle, and cyclops sightings usually prompt armed response from concerned local lords, who will usually try to drive the beasts away rather than attempting to slay them and may resort to adventurers or pawns if their own forces fail.

Scholars can only speculate about the life cycle of these creatures. No one has ever seen more than two of them together, and the rare slain monster has no reproductive organs to speak of. They probably originate from beyond the rift, though no one knows that their native world looks like. What is known from bitter experience is that cyclopes seem to have an unexplicable fondness for goblins and their kin. Large goblin invasion forces use them as living siege engines, equipping them with armor made from enormous, crude iron plates.

Cyclopes like to use whole tree trunks as clubs, and they are not shy about scooping up pesky humans at their feet and taking a bite out of them. They tend to prefer Telegraphic Attacks, and are particularly vulnerable to attacks that target their Will, HT or single eye.

ST 30; DX 11; IQ 5; HT 11;

SM +3; Dodge 8; DR 2;

HP 30; Will 8; Per 8; FP 11

Basic Speed 5.50; Move 6;

  • Punch (12): 3d-1 cr. Reach C-2.
  • Tree Trunk (12): 6d+2 cr. Reach 1-3.
  • Bite (12): 3d-1 imp. Reach C.
  • Grab (12): Grapples at ST 31.

Traits: One Eye; DR 2 (Tough Skin); Teeth (Fangs); Gluttony (9); Bestial;

Class: Mundane.

Other Cyclopes

Dwarf Cyclops

This smaller variety lacks the tusks, and is “merely” four meters tall. This means they can fit inside larger caves, and often take shelter there. Other than being slightly smaller and less strong than its cousin, its stats are pretty much identical.

ST 25; DX 11; IQ 5; HT 11;

SM +2; Dodge 8; DR 2;

HP 25; Will 8; Per 8; FP 11

Basic Speed 5.50; Move 6;

  • Punch (12): 2d+1 cr. Reach C-2.
  • Tree Trunk (12): 6d-1 cr. Reach 1-3.
  • Bite (12): 2d+1 imp. Reach C.
  • Grab (12): Grapples at ST 26.

Traits: One Eye; DR 2 (Tough Skin); Teeth (Fangs); Gluttony (9); Bestial;

Class: Mundane


Found only in the deepest, most forsaken pits, the Gorecyclops is larger, faster and smarter than your average cyclops. Over three stories tall, they aggressively engage any who dare trespass into their territory, and attack relentlessly and with surprising skill. They also go berserk when wounded! The fiercest of these monsters are said to be forever chained beneath the earth for some transgression committed at the dawn of time.

The one good thing about them is that they hate goblins just as much as they hate everyone else, so you’ll never find them willingly cooperating with anyone.

ST 60; DX 11; IQ 8; HT 13;

SM +4; Dodge 8; DR 2;

HP 30; Will 12; Per 12; FP 13

Basic Speed 6; Move 8;

  • Punch (15): 8d+1 cr. Reach C-3.
  • Tree Trunk (15): 10d+1 cr. Reach 2-4.
  • Bite (15): 8d+1 imp. Reach C.
  • Grab (15): Grapples at ST 61.

Traits: One Eye; DR 2 (Tough Skin); Teeth (Fangs); Gluttony (9); Bestial, Berserk (9).

Class: Mundane.

Armored Cyclops

Goblins like to encase their pet cyclopes in anything from large plates of crudely beaten iron to a large pile of stolen pots and pans. This adds 6 DR to all covered locations (usually the torso and legs). The most sophisticated warbands will fashion proper helmets for their cyclopes, protecting their eyes from attack. These add 6 DR to the face and skull, and add an extra -2 penalty to target their eyes through the slits.

This armor is usually fashioned to make the cyclops harder to climb (see below), giving an additional -2 penalty to such attempts.

Giant Climbing

Cyclopes and other monsters of similar scale can’t really be grappled by human-sized adventurers, but they can be climbed. Use unmodified Climbing skill for this, as the the folds of a cyclops’ skin are easy to grab hold of. The monster resists with its DX or best grappling skill as it tries to pry the adventurer from itself. It’s not a matter of strength for the cyclops, but of reaching the pest. The monster’s skill may be penalized if the adventurer is in a particularly difficult spot.

A PC who manages to get to a vulnerable spot in the monster’s body can attack it at no hit-location penalty using a one-handed weapon. A cyclops who manages to reach the offending character and pry them loose is now holding a convenient morsel in its hand, and will usually attempt to take a bite.