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As promised, here is the first of the two entirely new templates related to Dragon’s Dogma. The Magic Archer is meant to combine the archery prowess of a Scout with the magic of the Wizard in a more balanced way than what is possible by using “multiclass” lenses.

The Magic Archer (250 points)

You blend two tricky disciplines into an elegant, pointy whole. You’re almost as good a shot as any Scout (DF 1, p. 10), but you chose to spend the rest of your time learning the secrets of magic rather than getting lost in the woods. You trade the Scout’s skill at wilderness survival for the ability to deliver magical explosions at greater distances than the Wizard (DF 1, p. 15).

Attributes: ST 12 {20}; DX 13 {60}; IQ 13 {60}; HT 11 {10}.

Secondary Characteristics: Damage 1d-1/1d+2; BL 29 lbs (14.4kg); HP 12 {0}; Will 13 {0}; Per 13 {0}; FP 11 {0}; Basic Speed 6.00 {0}; Basic Move 6 {0}.

Advantages: Heroic Archer {20} and Magery 3 {35}. • A further 20 points chosen from among Archmagic abilities or ST +1 or +2 {10 or 20 points}, DX +1 {20}, IQ +1 {20}; HT +1 or +2 {10 or 20}, Will +1 to +4 {5/level}, Born War Leader 1-4 {5/level}, Combat Reflexes {15}, Eidetic Memory {5} or Photograpic Memory {10}, Fit {5}, Luck {15}, Magery 4 or 5 {10 or 20}, Night Vision 1-5 {1/level}, Rapid Healing {5}, Signature Gear {Varies}, Weapon Bond {1}, or Weapon Master (Bow) {20}.

Disadvantages: -15 points chosen from among Curious {-51}, Pyromania {-51}, Callous {-5}, Code of Honor (Pirate’s or Soldiers) {-5 or -10}, Greed {-151}, Honesty {-101}, or Sense of Duty (Adventuring Companions or Nation) {-5 or -10}. • Another -35 points chosen from among the previous traits or Bad Temper {-101}, Frightens Animals {-10}, No Sense of Humor {-10}, Oblivious {-5}, Odious Personal Habits {-5 to -15}, Overconfidence {-51}, Social Stigma (Excommunicated) {-52}, Stubborness {-5}, Unnatural Features 1-5 {-1/level}, or Weirdness Magnet {-15}

Primary Skills: Hidden Lore (Demons, Magic Items, Magical Writings, or Spirits) and Occultism, both (A) IQ {2}-13; Thaumathology (VH) IQ {1}3-13; • One of these two missile-weapon packages:

  • Bow (A) DX+3 {12}-16 and Fast-Draw (Arrow) (E) DX+2 {4}-15.
  • Bow (A) DX+4 {16}-17.

Secondary Skills: Eight of Climbing or Stealth, both (A) DX {2}-13; Armoury (Missile Weapons), Research, Hazardous Materials (Magical), Hidden Lore (any) or Leadership; all (A) IQ {2}-13; Strategy or Tactics, both (H) IQ-1 {2}-12; or 2 points to raise one of the previous skills by 1. • Either Smallsword (A) DX+2 {4}-15 or Staff (A) DX+2 {4}-15.

Background Skills: Seven of Brawling, Fast-Draw (any), Jumping or Knife, all (E) DX {1}-13; Boxing, Riding (Horse), or Wrestling, all (A) DX-1 {1} - 12; First Aid or Gesture, both (E) IQ {1}-13; Cartography or Fast-Talk, both (A) IQ-1 {1} - 12; Hiking or Running, both (A) HT-1 {1}-10; Intimidation (A) Will-1 {1} - 12; Scrounging (E) Per {1} - 13; Observation or Search, both (A) Per-1 {1} - 12.

Spells: Spell-Archery (H) IQ+2 {2}3-15; 25 points in wizardly spells, which will be either (H) IQ+1 {1}-14 or (VH) IQ {1} - 13 with the +3 from Magery. Some of them may be spent in Archmagic abilities instead.

Magic Archers in Gransys

Magic Archers are relatively rare in Gransys, as it takes a lot of work to get this good with both a bow and magic. Noble scions are the ones most likely to have the necessary time on their hands, though anyone who makes a living fighting could also acquire the necessary training during their careers. This includes both knights and bandits!

In campaigns where Status and social position matter, Magic Archers have access to Status 1 or 2, like knights. And since all magic in Gransys is wizardly in nature the Social Stigma (Excommunicated) advantage is worth only -5 points.

Customization Notes

The Magic Archer is about as specialized as the Scout, being built around the Spell-Archery spell and its prerequisites. A wide spell selection allows for plenty of diferentiation between characters, and several different avenues present themselves.

Arcane Artillerists blanket the battlefield witht their magic from afar. They take extra Magery and/or a large Energy Reserve, go for Area spells, and make frequent use of the fact that attacking an area rather than a person gives +4 to skill.

Sorcerous Snipers focus on eliminating high-value targets. They take Weapon Master (Bow) to improve their base damage and chose single-target damaging touch spells to increase it even further.

Archer-Commanders go for Born War Leader and choose healing and support spells to use on allies through boffer arrows (see the Cleric-Scout lens on DF 3, p. 23 ). If using the template on a generic Dungeon Fantasy game, you could replace Magery 3 {35} with Clerical Investment {5} and Power Investiture 3 {30} on the template and add an apropriate required disadvantage to make it a Holy Archer.

Magic Archer Power-Ups

Magic Archers may spend earned points on extra spells and anything on their template, plus these options:

  • Magery up to 6 {10/level}.
  • Any Archmagic abilities.
  • Enhanced Tracking (Multiple Lock-Ons, +20%) {6/level}, with no upper limit.
  • Extra Attack 1 {25}.
  • Zen Archery without needing Meditation.
  • The Double-Shot (DF 11, p. 32), Quick-Shot (DF 11, p. 33) and Strongbow (DF 11, p. 33) power-ups.
  1. Multiplied by self-control number; see p. B120.  2 3 4 5 6

  2. Or -10 in generic Dungeon Fantasy. 

  3. Includes +3 from Magery.  2