Illustration Copyright 2012 Capcom.

Despite being smaller than cyclopes, ogres are actually more dangerous! A cyclops is a slow, stupid, and indecisive combatant that may be driven away by an insistent enough attack. None of that applies to ogres! While not really bright, they are very cunning and driven to satisfy their endless hunger. Ogres tend to live in caves and ruins, and their smaller size means they don’t require those ruins to be exceptionally spacious. They love to eat fresh meat, especially that of humans, and will attack any they perceive. While typically solitary, sometimes people do run into a pair of them.

In combat, ogres will make use of their great strength to strike enemies, but what they really like to do is grab a foe and twist. Faced with a large group, they will often grab a single for and try to drag them away, but it doesn’t take much to make an ogre go berserk. A berserk ogre fights to the death, but even then it has enough presence of mind to fight smart, targetting its weaker-looking foes and trying to get the others in a position where they can’t dodge effectively.

Ogres don’t typically carry weapons, but will gladly use any available objects as improvised clubs or projectiles.

ST 27; DX 12; IQ 7; HT 12;

SM +2; Dodge 8; DR 3;

HP 27; Will 10; Per 10; FP 11

Basic Speed 7.00; Move 7;

  • Punch (14): 3d+1 cr. Reach C-2.
  • Improvised Club (14): 6d+1 cr. Reach 1-3.
  • Bite (14): 2d+2 imp. Reach C.
  • Grab (14): Grapples at ST 28.
  • Twist (24): The ogre uses Wrench Limb, Wrench Spine or Neck Snap at the listed skill level on a grappled target, depending on how it’s grappled.

Traits: Claws (Blunt Claws); DR 3 (Tough Skin); Night Vision 5; Teeth (Fangs); Gluttony (9); Bestial; Berserk (12); Bully;

Class: Mundane.


Elder Ogres: Legend has it that ogres grow stronger and tougher as they age, and that they are either immortal or extremely long-lived. Such an Elder Ogre would add extra ST, DR and combat skill on top of the stat block above depending on its age.