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I’ve been following the creation of the Psi-Wars setting on Mailanka’s Musings with great interest, and it’s no secret that this project was one of the inspirations for me to start my own blog. In fact, as I write this I am also in the process of starting up a short Psi-Wars game on! Someone else proposed the game, and I stepped up to GM it.

The setup is going to be something I saw used long ago for a Star Wars one-shot using Wushu: there’s this crime lord named Golko, and he wants all the PCs dead for some reason. Their only hope is to team up and take Golko down. In addition to creating a character as normal, each player has to both state the reason Golko wants their PC dead, and tell me one true thing about Golko. In other words, they collaborate to create the adventure’s antagonist.

Our PCs are:

  • Jatuu Harhlohuan, a Felinoid and former arena slave turned Psi-Knight. Only time will tell if she will follow the path of True Communion or fall to the lure of its Dark side.

  • Lady Maya Afolayan, a noble-born Fighter Ace who pretends to run her family’s shipping concern while looking for wrongs to right in the Galactic Rim.

  • Captain Scarlet Crimson of the Crimson Corsair, a space pirate with a heart of gold and a quirky robot crew.

  • Paul “Patch” Patterson, Scarlet’s chief engineer, who can deal with technology using both mundane skills and psionic powers.

The other important character in this story is Golko, of course. Not all players have posted the required answers, but so far he’s turning out to be a nasty piece of work. I’ll post his description when I have all the information I need.