That’s it. I’m done with Kickstarter. It’s just too much of a hassle.

After an excruciating process that involved 2 permanently blocked credit cards, a 2-week wait for the replacements to arrive, a third (thankfully virtual) blocked card, a total of 2 hours of trying to convince the nice people at my bank and/or credit card operator that I was myself and that I did indeed want my card unblocked and that transaction completed, I’m finally an official backer of the Hall of Judgment campaign and have the preview PDF on hand.

Now, the thing with all the blocked cards was a first for me1, but the rest has been pretty much par of the course every single time I backed a KS project. It seems like either my bank (Banco do Brasil) or VISA really hate the way KS charges Brazilian cards. It always gets flagged as a security violation and there seems to be no way to let them know beforehand that it’s really OK. And by now I’m really tired of this whole Kafkaesque nightmare.

So until one or more of these corporations comes up with a better way to take my money, I won’t back anything else on Kickstarter and will instead wait for the stuff I’m interested in to be available through normal channels.

  1. And boy did it mess up all my online subscriptions.