I thought Gaming Ballistic’s Lost Hall of Tyr1 looked like an interesting adventure when it came out, but I didn’t buy it because it was for D&D 5th Edition. I did think at the time that it would be really nifty if it ever came out for GURPS… and now I’m about to get my wish.

Gaming Ballistic has recently starter another kickstarter campaign for Hall of Judgement, which is a version of the same adventure for the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game.

It’s not a direct conversion. The setting part has been made a bit more generic so it can fit into ongoing DFRPG campaigns, and the adventure itself has been expanded to be more sandboxy, with more wilderness travel and a few sidequests added in. It’s also the first ever licensed third-party supplement for the DFRPG, so I’m backing this not just for the book itself but to send a message to Steve Jackson games that I want to see more of this type of deal.