This project was actually started in May 13th 2020, but since I wanted to wait until all the Monster Manual/Monster Vault posts had made it into the blog, I’m only beginning to post it now. This is a continuation of the first Monster Manual Let’s Read linked in this paragraph, where we move on to the Monster Manual 2.

Below, you can see links for all the related posts:

  • Introduction: Introduces the project, gives a primer on how 4e monsters work, and discusses the fixes applied since the first Monster Manual as well as the math bugs still present in the book.

The book contains a mix of monsters that are new to the edition, and monsters who already appeared in the previous Monster Manual and who are getting more variants here. Here they are, from A to Z:

After the monster listings, the book ends with a traits appendix with playable stats for a small number of the humanoid species introduced here.