The Pathfinder Iconics in Dungeon Fantasy project gave me a lot of ready-made characters to quickly get a game of DF going, but I kinda want to make more that aren’t necessarily tied to the Pathfinder setting. While it’s not hard to entirely replace one of the Iconics’ backstories with one of the player’s own devising my experience has been that few players do this, so let’s try to give them a few more options.

The characters presented here don’t belong to a specific setting, though they might include some setting elements in their backstories that they’d be bringing into the game. They’re organized in thematic “parties”, but their stories won’t include explicit references to the other members to make it easier to mix and match.

Mechanically, they’re going to be built up in my Dungeon Fantasy House Style: my goal here is for something that is fun for me to write and which is useful to me and my groups. If you find it useful, feel free to use and adapt as you see fit!

Odds and Sods

These characters are a little strange. Perhaps they use a few nonstandard mechanical combinations, or perhaps their backstories contain a few weirder elements.