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This is the first time I come across passion devils, but they give me strong 3e vibes.

The Lore

Do you want to employ seductive and manipulative devils in your villainous schemes, but feel that succubi are too nice? Fierna, archdevil ruler of Phlegethos, sure did! In order to fulfill her very specific needs, she created Passion Devils.

The reason these creatures give me a strong 3e-or-earlier vibe is that they feel like the sort of grid-filling exercise that was very common in those games. Succubi were considered demons back then, so when they needed to fill the “seductive manipulator” niche on the devil side they created a completely new creature.

In 4e, passion devils are kinda like a specialized succubus variant tied to Fierna. As incarnations of her vanity, they’re made in her image but always have some extra imperfection in their forms so their mistress remains the fairest of them all. They’re sent to infiltrate mortal societies just like a succubus, and they’re also used to replace the leadership of Fierna’s own cults so she can keep tabs on them. When used as official emissaries and ambassadors, they are often protected by a unit of bearded devil bodyguards.

The main difference between a baseline succubus and a passion devil is that the latter have serious anger management issues. When their tempers flare, their disguises tend to melt away as the passion devil abandons all subtlety and resorts to force. This is obviously what happens when the PCs thwart their plans, but it could also happen if they run out of patience while trying to employ standard succubus strategies. At least their fire powers make them better combatants than succubi when the jig is up.

The Numbers

These creatures are Medium Immortal Humanoids with the Devil keyword, and Level 16 Controllers. They have Darkvision, Resist Fire 20, and move at speed 6 on the ground or in the air. A pretty standard devil toolkit.

They project a charm aura (1) that makes others see them as a Object of Desire and take a -2 penalty to saves against dazing effects.

Their basic attack is a claw that targets Reflex and does fire damage. They can also be “gentler” and employ a Fiery Touch that does less damage and dominates for a turn. The ability that combos with their aura is Beckoning Whispers, a non-damaging attack against Will that pulls targets 5 squares and dazes them (save ends).

Finally they have an area attack named Passion’s Flames, a Close Burst 3 that deals fire damage and forces any dominated enemies it hits to make melee basic attacks against targets of the devil’s choice.

As a minor action, the passion devil can change shape to appear like a Medium humanoid. The DC to see through the disguise is a respectable 36, but it’s less stable than that of a succubus and ends when the devil attacks.

Final Impressions

It’s a Succubus Plus with a temper. Lore-wise they’re Fierna’s trademark servants, so they fit into any adventure where she’s the main enemy. Otherwise you might want to use leveled-up succubi from the Monster Vault, or reskin these into succubi as appropriate.