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This post doesn’t correspond to an entry in the book, but I figured I’d write it to explain a few important differences in organization between the MM3 and its predecessors.

The first two Monster Manuals had huge multi-monster entries for the “Three Dees”: Demons, Devils, and Dragons. These entries included some general lore that applied to all of them, and a huge number of individual stat blocks with their own bits of lore. They were a real chore to cover!

Dragons are still like that, because we’re going to be looking at a whole new dragon sub-category here. But the fiends (demons and devils) are organized differently.

This is the third main monster book in the edition. Pretty much everything that needed to be said about general demon and devil lore has already been said in the previous books, and likely on a few extra supplements that came out alongside them. So the demons and devils in this book are all in their own individual entries labeled as “Demon, X” and “Devil, Y”. That’s going to make them much easier to cover!

There’s one demon we already covered in the past, the Babau, and for that one I’m just going to refer you to the original post I made a while back. I believe every other demon and devil here is new to the Let’s Read project, so I’ll cover one entry per post on them.