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Cambions made their 4e debut in the Monster Manual and were covered here. This MM3 entry brings us a few more cambion stat blocks, and an extra helping of lore.

The Lore

The basic lore hasn’t changed: cambions are the direct offspring of a mortal and a devil. The first Monster Manual just described the mortal parent as “depraved or foolish”, but MM3 gets into a little bit more detail on how that happens. It’s about as horrific as you’d imagine.

The “foolish” mortals are the ones who sign infernal contracts. Many of them include “make a baby” as part of the price. The “depraved” ones are cultists, but that doesn’t mean the process is enjoyable for them either. The highly hierarchical nature of Hell means mortal cultists and lesser devils must conceive cambions as commanded by their superiors.

Whatever their origin story, cambions mature quickly and are soon put to work furthering the schemes of their masters. Most of them swear loyalty to Asmodeus directly and are set loose upon the world to enact various schemes. Fierna and Belial also walk around with a cambion honor guard.

Cambions associate with lesser devils and mortal diabolists. Those who style themselves as leaders might have a retinue of guards and advisors. The advisors are sometimes oni or rakshasa, and in that case they’ll be the true power behind the throne.

The Monsters

Cambions are Medium Immortal Humanoids with the Devil keyword. They have darkvision and fire resistance (which is 10 in all stat blocks in this entry). Their wings give them a flight speed of 8 (clumsy), which means they fight with their feet on the ground.

Cambion Wrathborn

Despite the name, wrathborn are fairly subtle. They can use magic to appear as a mortal version of their natural appearance, and they use this ability to infiltrate mortal societies and attain positions of power through intrigue and violence. They do have a short temper, though, and tend to interpret even the smallest slight as a grave insult.

Wrathborn are Level 9 Skirmishers with 100 HP. Their disguise ability is named Wicked Guise, and it remains on while the wrathborn is unbloodied. When that happens, they assume their true form and project an aura (1) of Burning Anger, which deals 5 fire damage to those caught inside.

They fight a bit like extra-mobile infernal warlocks, using a shortsword and a wand. The basic sword attack is Pain Blade, which damages and makes the target grant combat advantage for a turn on a hit. They can use a maneuver named Path of Pain to shift 4 squares and make a Pain Blade attack at any point during the shift. The wand shoots fire bolts that target Reflex and do fire damage.

Once per encounter, while bloodied, the wrathborn can also use Burst Skyward to deal fire damage around themselves (Close burst 2 vs. Reflex) and fly 8 squares without provoking opportunity attacks. This is good to avoid getting surrounded.

Chained Cambion

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Chained cambions are exactly what it says on the tin: cambions bound up in chains, with iron masks affixed to their faces. I’m guessing this is what happens when someone tries to imprison a cambion and it kinda-sorta breaks free. Their bodies are completely bound, but they can move and fight by controllng the chains that bind them. Their chief emotion is hate. The only sound from behind the mask is a hoarse scream of rage. Zero subtlety. Zero chill.

Chained cambions are Level 10 Controllers with 110 HP. Since they walk around by moving their chains like spider legs, they lack a flight speed. They’re surrounded by a Blinding Field (aura 3) that makes its covered squares count as difficult terrain for enemies. Their Child of Chains trait makes them get a +2 attack bonus when immobilized or restrained, as well as a +2 bonus on saves to end those conditions.

These monsters attack by hitting people with their enchanted chains and screaming into their minds. Their basic Chain Lash attack has a reach of 3, and if it hits a dazed enemy it also immobilizes them.

The psychic screaming is expressed as two different attacks. Vile Fetters is a reach 5 melee attack that targets Will and does psychic damage. If the target ends it next turn closer to the cambion than it started, it becomes dazed (save ends). Unfettered Scream (recharge 5+) is a close blast 3 that targets Fortitude, does psychic damage, pushes 2 squares, and dazes (save ends).

As a minor action the chained cambion can use a Mind Shackles spell. It automatically hits 2 enemies within 5 squares of the cambion. Shackled enemies take 10 psychic damage at the start and at the end of their turns if they’re not adjacent to the other shackled enemy at that moment. Each enemy saves independently from the other, so it’s possible for one of them to be free and the other still shackled. The first successful save reduces the damage to 5, the second eliminates it. This power recharges when the cambion is bloodied.

Looks like a chained cambion will want to shackle a pair of enemies and then keep them apart by interposing himself between then and using Unfettered Scream to push them away, or Vile Fetters to prevent them from going around.

Cambion Infernal Scion

Sometimes the unfortunate mortal forced to be a cambion parent is a noble or even a monarch. Infernal scions are an object lesson on why hereditary government is a bad idea. This one covets Asmodeus’ positition as the ruler of Hell and is working to supplant him. I guess he’s still a ways away from doing that.

He’s a Level 12 Elite Soldier with 250 HP, wearing mail and wielding a magic sword. This Burning Longsword does fire damage and marks for a turn. If a marked enemy tries to ignore the mark, the scion can use Majestic Stride to teleport adjacent to them and hit them with the sword.

In addition to using the sword to mark people, the scion can use Oath of the Nine (minor action, 1/round) to do so. This automatically marks an enemy within 3 squares and gives them Vulnerable 10 Fire for a turn.

When not bloodied, the scion can use Dread Command (Ranged 5 vs. Will, minor action, 1/round) to dominate an enemy for a turn. Once bloodied he flips out, losing this ability and replacing it with Fiend Razor, which allows it to make 2 sword attacks with an action. This is an interesting way to implement an elite’s multi-attack ability.

Final Impressions

Cambions are… okay I guess? The mechanics in this entry are interesting, but the lore doesn’t quite get me going. I feel I can make some use of the infernal scion, but the others don’t make stories jump to my mind just from reading them.