I remember reading a few play reports about a campaign titled “Mecha Against the Giants” a few years ago. It was run by Mark Langsdorf, using GURPS as a rule system, and it was vaguely inspired by the Against the Giants modules for AD&D.

One of these days, I really want to run something like that using LANCER. As of this writing I definitely don’t have the bandwidth for it, but I just thought it would be nice to write it down.

LANCER: Against the Giants

Armies of Giants invade, out of nowhere and for seemingly no reason!

Their relentless assaults threaten to destroy “smallfolk” civilization!

The realm’s bravest heroes have fallen against their foe’s overwhelming strength and numbers!

Desperate, the King’s wizards and priests spend the last of their power in a rituat. It purpose: to summon someone, anyone from across the vastness of existance that has the power to stop the destruction!

They succeed in bringing the 2021st Union Auxiliary Squadron. Your squadron.

Mount up, Lancer, and end this war!

Fight off attacking giants and their pet giant monsters!

Discover the mystery behind these invasions!

Find a way to end this war that doesn’t involve genocide, because we’re better than Gygax!

And finally, at the end of it all…