This blog is supposed to be only about roleplaying games, but if I don’t get this out my mood will forever be ruined. In any case, please note that this article only represents my own opinion.

I’ve seen people rave about Rick and Morty for a while now, but until my brother decided to show it to me I had never actually watched it, save for the first minute or so of the pilot. The show’s fans, my brother included, always say it’s very smart and funny. Based on those first thirty seconds, I had the suspicion it would be “smart” and “funny” in the same way South Park and Family Guy were.

My brother showed me what he considers the most iconic episode of Rick and Morty, the one with the nested artificial universes. And based on that episode and on the others I watched that day I must say I was wrong. Rick and Morty is not as bad as South Park and Family Guy. It’s worse.

You see, when you watch this show you closely follow the antics of a sociopathic buffoon with the power to destroy the world. You see every horrible thing he does in lurid detail. And he always gets away with it, whatever “it” might be this episode. This is in turns horrifying and depressing. It’s too much like reading the news in real life. In short, it’s not funny.

But is it “smart”? Well, a lot of the show’s episodes use pretty nifty science fiction ideas as a starting point, and have Rick twist them into some sort of nightmare scenario. So yeah, this show is smart in the same way My Little Pony porn is cute. Both make me die a little inside.

And yes, I watched the Pickle Rick fight scene. It’s very well animated and coreographed, and its whole purpose seems to be making Rick look good. It’s the Fox News of fight scenes.