Say you’re a GURPS player who’s inspired to make a dashing pirate, a badass veteran soldier with a cool eyepatch, or maybe even a cyclops knight. Then you look up the One Eye disadvantage and notice that it gives you major penalties in combat.

While this is realistic, the type of story that likely inspired you is quite cinematic, which makes seeing those penalties a bit disappointing. One-eyed movie and game protagonists never seem to be inconvenienced by their disability. In fact, it’s often turned into an asset, as it makes enemies underestimate them. Here’s a new disadvantage to emulate that.

One Eye, Cinematic (-5 points)

You may have only one eye, but that doesn’t even slow you down! You do not suffer from the DX and skill penalties from the realistic version of this advantage, and may generally behave as if you had perfect depth perception and a full field of view. This is typical of action heroes, and naturally one-eyed aliens or fantasy creatures.

This is worth points as a disadvantage because you still do have only one eye! If that eye is crippled, you’re blind. You also suffer any other consequences that might be attached ot the condition in your setting, such as social penalties or bonuses for other people to recognize you.

This disadvantage is also still worth points in Dungeon Fantasy. Its implied setting might not attach any social penalties to the condition, but it does make losing an eye something far more likely to happen than in other settings, which puts you at an increased risk of going blind.