I would say it’s time for another State of the Octopus post, but the truth is I’m late! Let’s get to it already, then.

May saw a whopping 644 sessions from 448 unique visitors to Octopus Carnival, numbers which are almost twice those of April. This time the US had the clear lead in the number of sessions, with 304. Brazil came in second with 162. The others had a slightly higher number of sessions as well, but remained arrayed in more or less the same positions.

Facebook was still the largest source of referrals at 130 or so, but Google Plus was close behind it with 128. Looks like announcing posts in a general roleplaying group there paid off.

Looking at the most accessed pages for the month, we had two individual articles beat the home page in number of accesses for the first time ever: To GURPS or Not To GURPS and Alternatives to GURPS, a pair of opinion pieces on when I think it’s appropriate to use GURPS for a game and what I use when the answer to the first question is “no”. I was very surprised by their popularity, both in number of views (139 and 133) and in how much discussion they ended up generating (tough mostly in Google Plus instead of in the article comments). Note that both of them came out towards the end of the month, too.

I’m very satisfied with the blog’s performance in May, and quite surprised anyone cares about my opinion :). I hope I can keep the good work going forward.