I did a Year in Review post back in January, but haven’t looked at the large picture since then. Today I decided to take a look at my Google Analytics stats from April to see how I was doing. How many people read the blog, where do they come from, and what do they access the most?

April saw 379 sessions from 244 unique visitors to Octopus Carnival. That’s slightly less than I had in March. Brazil and the US are tied in first place for the single largest source of sessions, at 120 each. Most of the others come from the UK and Canada, with the remainder split between several European and Southeast Asian countries, each of which contributes a handful of sessions.

The single largest source of referrals to Octopus Carnival is Facebook, with 94 of them if you combine desktop and mobile domains. Google searches are only slightly behind that, with the SJ Games forums taking third place. What’s interest about Facebook’s popularity is that I only announce new posts there on a couple of Portuguese-language groups. I confess I didn’t expect to be that popular with my fellow countrymen, though I guess you could say that I’m not very popular at all since I didn’t even manage to hit four figures in a whole month.

The most accessed page by far was the blog’s homepage, which I think means most readers go there to read the latest article. Second and third place go to Part 1 of the Operation DARK JUDAS report and the introduction to Let’s Read Hell’s Rebels, which is kind of amazing because they were posted close to the end of the month. I guess people really like those topics!

If I want to increase my readership (purely for ego-boosting purposes, as this blog is strictly non-commercial), then it seems the next logical step would be to post announcements to an English-language GURPS group on Facebook. I’m not sure how effective that will be, since it seems the English-speaking GURPS community tends to congregate on the SJ Games forums and on G+, and I already post there. But we’ll see! A generic roleplaying group might be a useful place to post as well.