Steve Jackson has another kickstarter for DFRPG going! While the main goal for this one is the creation of a second monster book for the game, they’ve also bundled in the costs of reprinting the wonderful physical box set for the original game.

You see, they’re using this particular campaign as a way to gauge player interest in GURPS. If it funds successfully, they’ll commit to doing “big” books for the GURPS as a whole in the future. If it doesn’t, then support will continue only in the form of small PDF supplements, one or two a month.

By the look of things, the project will fund, but only just. So if like GURPS and haven’t thought about pledging to it yet, go to the campaign page and do it! For only US$10 you’ll get the PDF of the new book, and there are pricier options for people who want physical copies or other books as well.

Even if you don’t play DFRPG specifically, you’ll still get some mileage out of a bestiary, which is the sort of book people always complain is missing from GURPS. And if you do play it, then what you have is a win-win situation right there.

If you have no idea what GURPS Dungeon Fantasy is all about (unlikely, if you’re reading this blog), you can see this excellent post with no less than 31 reasons why it’s awesome.

The PDF of the game itself is available at Warehouse 23 for US$40 (you have to choose PDF in the format dropdown there). Forty American dollars might sound like a lot, especially if you’re reading this in Brazil, but this is actually less than the price of a single D&D core book. And it gives you a full fantasy game that’s better than D&D (yes, I went there)!